OK ok. So since someone *cough*Aidan*cough* screwed up the first, were now on this? -Zeeble

Thats the skinny of it -Aidan

What just did you do? -Tagerus

Removed centering code, screwed up centering, deleted table, etc -Aidan

Ouch -Tagerus

BUT he created a new wiki and transferred this all over. So I didn't strangle him -Zeeble

Yay! I survived! -Aidan

So...wats next? -Tagerus

We need an article about paladin armor and then the sceduled thing was the Light Bringer -Zeeble

Right. I'll start on the Light Bringer page and Zeeble, you do paladin. Tagerus... check trhough all articles for spelling and punc -Aidan

Roger Wilco -Tagerus

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