Black Mage Edit

Powers Edit

1. Shadow beam

-beam of shadow energy

2. Warpshield

-opens a portal into warpspace that sucks away ranged attacks

3. Shadow Beast

-summons the ferocious shadow golem

4. Black Death: -Makes the opponent slip into a world(they think they see) where all their worst nightmares are real.

5. Ilusions

-creates three mirror images of yourself

6. Seal of Shadowfire

-when placed on the ground this seal becomes a trap. The next person to step on it is blasted with shadowfire

Alignment Required: Edit

Chaotic or neuteral

Armor: Edit

Has specific armor: Black Mage Robes, the robes covered with arcane sigils, give the Black Mage his power.

Black Paladin Edit

Powers Edit

1. Holy Wrath

-sends out beams of energy to strike nearest foe

2. Angel of Light

-creates wings on the back which are made out of light. Allows flight

3. Heal

-heal one small to medium wound

4. Smite

-if used on evil: increased damage and knockback

-if used on chaotic: knockback

5. Infuse weapon

-weapon becomes a light weapon for 5 turns

6. Blinding Light

-all within area that are evil are blinded for 1 turn.

Alignment: Must be good. Lawful good recieves bonuses Edit

Armor Edit

No specific. There is a BLACK PALADIN* armor though.

*Zeeble make and link this page

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