Wat? You don't think I did this by myself did you? I haz help! Edit

The team of Black Knight Tournament Wiki:

[http:// ]Moderators: Help make sure all info is correct, and appropriate. May or may not write articles. May sometimes edit and/or delete sections. Edit


I made it so me is mod!


You do realize we use the same acount Aidan?

Of course! ^_^ How else can you delete stuff?

Black Knights: Spam Slayers!

None yet


Black Mage: In charge of making sure everything works properly Edit


And so what? You guys share a nice administrator account while im stuck with this one? Pheh!


Omega Zerion

Post your witty comment here! -Aidan

I likez coments! -Tagerus

I maekez good ones! -Zeeble

its spelled Zeron - neopie

Note From Zeeble: Make sure you delete this when posting ur "Witty Comment"

Players:the dudes who beat up people Edit

Neopie:Lord of AWESOME

Kuttwar:Prince of awesome

Omega:Disiplpe of chuckles

Adian:The GM

Reaper:An angel of light

PM:The original black MAGICIAN

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